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Essential Love

Loving everyone from every nation, all denominations, all cultures and every neighborhood is effortless when godly obedience is our main priority.

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A Man

A man who takes care of his family leaves behind no gossip when he's passed on. He leaves a legacy.

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Past Mistakes

Many of us make mistakes, might it be big ones or tiny ones. The focus should not be on our mistakes but on our desire and adamant determination to correct those errors in our lives that is sometimes made by ignorance or just by anger or frustration. The bottom line is to push to make things better.

My desire is that the following quote should comfort you and I hope that it will. 

Motivational Quote:

Don't allow others to keep reminding you about your past mistakes, instead counterattack their unkind approach with present and beautiful accomplishments.

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Keep Your Assignments Afloat

Inspirational Quote: 

Keep your assignments afloat, and strive to make a one hundred every day, based on persistence and commitment to the sure thing that you love.

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Annette Journet Jaco